Prize Money

There will be $2,000 in total available prize and bonus money from the 2016 Encinitas Mile, broken down as follows: 

1st place Elite Men's and Women's Mile: $200

2nd place Elite Men's and Women's Mile: $100

3rd place Elite Men's and Women's Mile: $50


The first runner to break the course record (4:14 for Elite Men, 4:46 for Elite Women) will receive $100

The first two runners to reach 3/4 Mile under 3:06 for Elite Men and under 3:32 for Elite Women will each receive $125

The first runner to run under 4:08 for Elite Men and under 4:43 for Elite Women will receive $300

USATF San Diego-Imperial Association will also offer prize money to the top three Open (39 and younger) Association members. You must be a current member of the San Diego-Imperial Association member to qualify for prize money! Go to for more info on membership or to sign up. 

1st place: $200

2nd place: $125

3rd place: $75