Why the Mile?

The mile is, simply put, the ultimate test of speed and endurance. It's longer than a sprint and shorter than a 5K, and it offers something for runners of every age and ability. If you're just getting started in the sport and are looking for an approachable race distance to start with, the mile is just what you're looking for. If you're a more experienced runner who's done a fair share of 5Ks and longer races, running the mile will be an exciting change of pace (literally!), and a chance to develop a neglected ability in many distance runners: speed. Finally, we believe that the mile is the perfect distance to watch as a spectator -- you'll be able to see most of the race unfold from start to finish, and you'll be inspired as you watch the various heats fly by. 

Our Story

The co-founders of the Encinitas Mile, Daniel Seidel and Mark Sarno, are two local North County runners who felt it was a shame that there were so few opportunities to race a mile on the road in San Diego. They decided to address this gap in the San Diego running scene by organizing their own road mile in Encinitas. They hope you'll experience the excitement of this iconic distance and challenge yourself, whether the Encinitas Mile is your first race or your fiftieth. For more background on the mile and its historic importance, please visit bringbackthemile.com